Understanding Your Stakeholders

Date06/05/2018   |   Time1:30 pm - 4:30 pm  

Huntington Bank Room Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
325 Michigan Street
Toledo, OH 43604
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Contact: Toni Shoola, Associate Director
Phone: 419-241-9513
Email: toni@c4npr.org

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This workshop is eligible for 3 hours in the Organizational Management Track of the Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

This workshop is the second-half of the fourth of four in the Minority Executive Leadership Certificate.

Approved for 3.0 CFRE credits.

Workshop description: 
You have probably heard the term “stakeholders,” but who are your organization’s stakeholders and what do you know about them?

Some of their engagement with you may be easy to track through web activity, social media, ticket sales, or observable aspects like group sizes and types, but most of what is truly useful for understanding a nonprofit’s impact cannot be so easily captured. The information that is easily acquired is informative, but it is not as useful without knowing more about stakeholders’ perceptions, reactions, opinions, and thoughts. By crafting evaluations with a clear purpose and set of inquiry questions, nonprofit leaders can confidently gather this critical information from stakeholders and audiences.

This workshop will engage participants in discussing

  • how their organizations engage with their broader stakeholder community
  • why they want to, and may already, hear from and learn about their stakeholders
  • how to develop a plan to gather information that will best help them make decisions or improvements to shape the future of their organizations’ activities

Participants will, based on their nonprofit’s mission, develop an evaluation plan that will clarify the purpose of and set the stage for future data collection projects within a boarder set of questions.

Target Audience:

This workshop is ideal for any staff member with leadership responsibilities at the organization or program management level. This workshop is also beneficial for board members to attend, and we encourage board and staff members from an organization to attend together.

Presenter's Bio:
Sarah Cohn is a Principal Consultant and Partner of Aurora Consulting, working across the non-profit sector for the past 11 years. Sarah focuses her work with non-profit organizations around evaluation capacity building, audience engagement research, strategic planning, and board development. She is the Past President of the Minnesota Evaluation Association, the President for the Committee on Audience Research and Evaluation at the Alliance for American Museums (AAM), and the Incoming Chair for One Voice Mixed Chorus.

Sarah co-developed Team-Based Inquiry, a practitioner-focused form of evaluation, in 2011. She co-wrote Team-based inquiry: A practical guide for using evaluation to improve informal education experiences. Since 2012, Sarah has been training organizations of all kinds in integrating Team-Based Inquiry, including the Natural History Museum of Utah, the Detroit Zoological Society, and Explora.

Sarah received her BA from Bowdoin College and completed her Master’s degree at the University of Minnesota in 2010. She has facilitated professional development workshops and sessions for over eight state and national associations, ranging from the American Evaluation Association to Grantmakers in the Arts.

Event Logistics:

  • Workshop registration starts at 1:15 pm.
  • The cost of the workshop does not include lunch.
  • Workshop slides will be emailed to you prior to the workshop.
  • Water will be provided throughout the day.

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