Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP)

120 S. Holland-Sylvania Rd.
Toledo 43615
Hours Per Week: 40
Salary: competitive
Certifications Desired: bachelors in related field

Contact: Jen Enck - jenck@josinalott.org
More Info: www.josinalott.org
Last Updated: 02/23/2018
Expiration Date: 03/23/2018

Job Description:

Job Summary

Coordinates overall development and implementation of client based habilitative programming and acts as chairperson of inter-disciplinary team meetings in order to coordinate comprehensive delivery of services. Reviews programs to determine effectiveness/compliance and initiates modifications/corrective action if necessary. Advocates for and assists individuals with skills required for decision making, choices and issues that affect their quality of life.

Responsibilities and Duties

The QIDP is responsible for overall development and implementation of clients (here-in referred to individuals) with developmental disabilities, individual program plans (IPP) individual behavior guidelines & acts as chairperson of inter-disciplinary team meetings in order to coordinate comprehensive delivery of services, e.g., social, physical and psychological needs. Educates employees and the individuals on self-determination so the individuals can be as independent as possible in their daily living activities. Educates and coordinates service plans to insure the implementation process is completed in a timely manner. Responsible for conducting Individual Program Plans (IPP) on an annual and quarterly basis for 16-34 individuals served. Acts as a role model to the volunteer

Writes and prepares notices to the interdisciplinary team members. Acts as chairperson of team meetings by facilitating discussion to review, analyze and modify quarterly (90 day) & annual reviews of individuals program plans (IPP’s) by gathering multi-faced data (e.g., psychology, speech, social services or medical, etc.) formulating the individuals; program plans coordinating with Medicaid/ICF/ID regulations to determine specific course of the individuals’ plans.

Advocates for and assists individuals with skills required for decision making, choices and issues that affect their quality of life.

Acts as the liaison for communication purposes between the guardian, Advocacy for Protective Services, Inc., and family members. This includes other outside professionals as needed.

Observes program implementation by visiting and monitoring staff who are providing active treatment to ensure proper implementation of program is appropriate and within Medicaid/ICF/ID regulations and standards. This to occur at various times, e.g., breakfast, lunch or dinner hours or during an individual’s outing or activity. This includes on a consistent basis, providing active treatment and monitoring of same while they are working in the Day Habilitation Program/River Crossings.

Calculation of timely individuals’ census reports for submission to the Finance Department per the scheduled time-table set by the Finance Department for timely reimbursement.

Scheduling Respite and/or admission tours of individuals or their family members who wish to have services provided by JLR&CS; responsible for completing necessary paperwork when request for services has occurred.

Determines the individuals funds as it relates to Social Security Income and the Social Security Administration. Assists the individuals by educating them on their rights as they relate to their personal funds account.

Approves (documentation) paperwork for all trip requests, and purchase requisitions. Monitors the individuals’ monies and the individuals’ allowances.

Completes and submits quarterly Individual Assessment Forms.

Reviews Medicaid and all regulatory standards on a continual basis to insure compliance.


Minimum 1 year experience working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities

Knowledge of Medicaid/ICF/ or ID laws, rules, regulations and standards

of State licensure and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities policies

Transport individuals up to a 15 passenger bus with a lift, for activities/appointments

Skill use of computers

Ability to calculate fractions, decimals & percentages

Ability to lead an interdisciplinary team

Maintain excellent interpersonal skills and ability to demonstrate same

Excellent written and verbal skills

Minimum 1 year experience in the development of teaching curriculum

Ability to write measurable objectives

Knowledgeable in behavior management techniques a must


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