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 This program is designed to support emerging minority nonprofit leaders,  CEOs/Executive Directors and staff  interested in growing into these positions.  The Minority Executive Leadership program addresses the skills and strategies that enhance organizational sustainability to transform communities.  These high-quality professional development workshops and mentorships provide training and ongoing support systems for personal and professional success.

To earn the Certificate of Executive Leadership, participants must attend four seven-hour professional development workshops (March - June), complete pre- and post-workshop assessments and take part in an ongoing mentorship program from March through September 2017.

       Certificate of       
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Minority Executive Leadership Certificate Class of 2017 with mentors

You may register for any of these classes at any time. The total cost of the program is $300 per participant. Once you are accepted to the program, we will begin tracking your hours and program experiences and provide you with a certificate upon completion. Need-based scholarships are available . Please contact Toni Shoola to determine if this program is your next professional step.  You can reach Toni at at 419-241-9513 or toni@c4npr.org

The following 4 courses are part of the Nonprofit Minority Executive Leadership Certificate Program:
Visit the Workshops by Content Area to register for each workshop. (Lunchtime speakers subject to change).

Accelerating Board Performance
Better Conversations, Discussions, and Decisions

Speaker: Regina Funkhouser
Fee: $75  
Date/Time: March 28, 2017, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Workshop Description: How do you pack in good governance, due diligence, policy conversation, relationship building, committee work, strategic conversations and board engagement in one hour or so each month? How do you get everything done in 12-14 hours a year? This comprehensive approach to board management, culture, and structure builds a board that can see around corners for new opportunities and realities

Fiscal Fitness: Managing Nonprofit Health

Speaker: Dione Alexander
Fee: $75 
Date/Time: April 25, 2017, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Description: This interactive session is tailored to nonprofit professionals of various levels of financial knowledge.  The training focuses on how to collect use, measure, and share information about the financial health of the organization as well as strategies to improve financial health.  Participants will learn how to interpret common financial performance ratios, develop performance dashboards, and create a compelling narrative for their board and funders about their finances.

Leading with Theory of Change

Speaker: Al Onka
Fee: $75  
Date/Time: May 25, 2017, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Description: A theory of change is a powerful tool that helps an organization articulate the connection between its mission and its programs, using the language of outcomes. It’s an organizational story of how and why the world will be different because of what it does. A theory of change is an argument for why you exist and why you are effective. Because of this, a theory of change has important implications for the leadership of an organization, both staff and board.   In this one-day workshop, we explore what a theory of change is, how an organization can use a theory of change, and the implications of a theory of change for staff and board leadership. The workshop is a combination of presentation, discussion, and hands-on practice. Throughout the workshop, participants will practice creating a theory of change for their organization and leave with strategies for continuing the work with the rest of their team. 

Daring Leadership

Speaker: Janet Frood, Horizon Leadership
Fee: $75  
Date/Time: June 15, 2017, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Description: To lead is to be daring. To inspire is to be grounded and certain - in yourself, in your vision and of the people who are walking with you.  The stakes are high and there are many times when leaders find themselves in the spotlight or at major crossroads; at the tipping point of a thrilling change or bold step that is equally terrifying. This workshop is focused on exploring the vulnerability that lives in leadership and how to find the inner resolve to be courageous, to connect with others and move forward when facing uncertainty or fear. This session will include a sampling of Brené Brown videos and exercises from the program.




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