Compensation & Benefits Survey

2014 Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits Survey 

The Center for Nonprofit Resources in partnership with Toledo Community Foundation and OANO (Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations), is pleased to announce the 2014 Compensation & Benefits Survey. This survey is designed to capture compensation data throughout the state of Ohio.  Those completing the survey will receive a free copy of the results report.  We expect the survey to be released in late spring or early summer and appreciate your participation. Data will be reported for each part of Ohio, so you will be able to see northwest Ohio data as well as how our region compares to others in the state.

The Compensation and Benefits Survey will help your organization…

  • make sound decisions on staff salaries and benefits by giving your board and leadership the data they need;
  • stay competitive, providing you with the comprehensive information needed to make key hiring and employment decisions;
  • receive current salary and benefit information data on 20 nonprofit jobs from entry-level to the executive office;
  • check YES when the IRS asks on Form 990 if salaries for your chief executive and key employees were set using comparability data for similar positions; and
  • sort compensation and benefit data by nonprofit service type and budget size.


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