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Based on the curiosity of the key community stakeholders, The Center conducted what we are calling Phase I-B.  

​We extracted two critical data sets and re-cast the data to better understand the nonprofit landscape in our region.  This briefing explains why the two groups were extracted and how the data was impacted.  


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Click here to view the presentation from August 2018 (PDF)
Phase II was designed to take a deep dive into a sub-sector .  We wanted a group of organizations that was manageable in size to conduct a more thorough analysis.  At the same time we wanted a group large enough to better understand the community resources focused on one issue/area.

The public briefing for key community stakeholders was also different from Phase I.  Participants were set up in teams to look at the data for the sub-sector, encouraging a systems approach based on data.

Another goal was to establish a methodology that could be used to examine any sub-sector in our community.





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