Strategic Alliance Partnerships in the Toledo area

The Strategic Alliance Partnership was created to support the exploration and formation of collaborations, alliances and/or mergers that would enable Toledo-area nonprofits to achieve more effective and efficient use of financial and human resources, gain greater long-term financial stability and enhance social impact.

Strategic Alliance Partnership Grants 

Funds are granted twice per year through Toledo Community Foundation's online grant system to organizations seeking opportunities to collaborate. Find out more about available grants and this grant process at   

What exactly is a Strategic Alliance Partnership*?
  • Administrative Consolidation: Typically aimed at increasing efficiency, includes formal agreement for contracting, exchanging, or sharing services. Organizations involved in administrative consolidations share decision-making powers over a number of areas including office space, staffing, etc.
  • Corporate Merger/Acquisition: Includes full integration of programmatic assets and administrative functions. However, because nonprofit funding can be so closely tied to an organization's name and original mission, many nonprofits "merge administratively" but retain both names and brand identities.
  • Collaboration: Includes information sharing, program coordination, and joint planning. Organizations involved in collaborations remain independent with full decision-making power over their own organizations but often form an umbrella organization to consolidate resources and create better opportunities for funding.
  • Joint Programming can also be defined as a Strategic Alliance Partnership. However, this alliance should be thought of as a restructuring where organizations share the launch and management (and thereby enjoy significant cost savings) of one or more large programs or services that is lacking in the community. Organizations involved in joint programming share decision-making powers for the program or service while maintaining independence in managing their own organizations. Often joint programming leads to closer types of alliances. In order to be competitive with this type of grant proposal, significant cost savings and community impact must be demonstrated. 

The following resources will assist you in working with multiple organizations on a funding request. 


These categories come to us from La Piana Consulting, a national firm with a practice area in strategic restructuring, includes the following categories in what they term a Partnership Matrix.
For more information regarding nonprofit mergers, alliances and partnerships, visit our Mergers, Consolidations, Acquisitions and Exit Strategies page.

For links to the Strategic Alliance Partnership grant guidelines and application through Toledo Community Foundation, please visit 

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