• Outputs to Outcomes
    Making the Leap from Outputs to Outcomes
    Guest Blogger – David Holmes Back when I started working in nonprofits, I was told that there is always a leap of faith necessary, no matter how perfectly designed the […]
  • program evaluation mistakes 1
    3 Common Program Evaluation Mistakes
    Guest Blogger – Al Onkka 3 Common Program Evaluation Mistakes Program evaluation is an essential nonprofit activity and competency. Good program evaluation helps nonprofits improve their work, better serve their […]
  • understanding your stakeholders 1
    Understanding Your Stakeholders
    Guest Blogger – Sarah Cohn  ​ Nonprofits are, at their core, champions for the best in their communities. To best assess how well they are advancing their missions, reaching target […]
  • charts and pen 1
    HR Metrics
    How important is increased productivity, employee engagement, and overall team satisfaction to the successful delivery of your mission? The right HR metrics to collect and assess vary by organization, and […]
  • c4npr chats logo 11
    What is Theory of Change?
    What is Theory of Change?  Why should your organization understand the benefits? In this short video, our subject matter expert Al Onka introduces the concept of The Theory of Change. […]